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Adding too much water or too little water is the easiest way to kill the plants in our house. You can do a test to see if the crop is redundant or dehydrated by pressing a finger on the ground about 2.5cm in length. If the soil is sticking to your finger, it means that the plants do not need to be watered. If your fingers are dry, do not cling to the soil, you need to water the plants immediately!

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Guarantee protection enough enough

Make sure the potting plant in your home has a drain hole located at the bottom of the pot. Place a tray under the planting pot to prevent runoff from the house. Sprinkle water throughout the pot until the water comes out below the tray. Place the pot over the water for 30 minutes, pour the water in the tray to avoid waterlogging.


Use scissors to cut the old leaves, the leaves dry withering to preserve nutrients for the plant to feed the other healthy parts.Ventilate, make the plant easy to breathe using tools gently scrape the soil around the plant with a chopstick. This will give more oxygen and better drainage crops.

Prevent the destruction of indoor plants from pets, insects

Certain crops can not survive when your pet or flea catches a home. It is therefore very important to protect the plants from their invasion if you want to plant trees in your home.

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With pets in the house, you can make perfume spray on the tree from citrus peel. Cook these shells in simmered boiling water for 20 minutes, then filter the shells, wait for the water to cool, add water to the spray and spray on the plants in the house to prevent the dog from attacking with the pots. your house.

If the plants in the house are damaged by aphids, fleas, etc., you can use 1 teaspoon of neem leaves mixed with 8 cups of water to spray into the entire root, the leaves will kill insects causing Fruit trees are effective.

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Adjust the light

Too much light causes the plants to turn yellow or quickly wither. Meanwhile, too little light can cause the plant to grow slowly. So find the right direction for your species.

If in the south window, indoor plants will receive the most sunshine, with too much intensity. You can place the pot about 60 cm from the south window.

If the window is to the east, direct light into the tree will receive the most. Many trees will grow in the sunshine and you can comfortably plant the tree in this window.

If the window is to the west, the plant will be 4-6 hours high lighted, the rest will light gently during the day. This window orientation does not encourage placing too many plants.

If the window is to the north, the plants will not receive much light, direct sunlight, which causes some crops to grow slowly. So pay close attention to the type of crops you place in this direction.

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